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From our Director

The common complaint among managed care contract analysts and negotiators is that managed care contracting is complicated and few training programs exist for students or working professionals. 

For myself and for thousands of healthcare industry executives, managed care analysts, negotiators, revenue management staffers and students we needed a place to be able to find training, tools, tips and techniques.  Few of the many healthcare industry trade associations provide professional education beyond sponsor infomercials from the podium anymore.  Training budgets for professional development paid by employers 

And so formed the idea behind the Managed Care Institute, while I was teaching a class for HFMA in 2009, called Analyzing and Negotiating Managed Care Contracts. 

The Managed Care Institute was created to both replace the apprentice experience if you haven't had one and to complement the apprentice experience if you do – without sucking up years of your life. It's a single online destination where managed care professionals, consultants and students learn the basics of analyzing, negotiating and managing the business of managed care and contracted reimbursement at healthcare organizations of all specialties and sizes, take classes and get expert feedback from managed care professionals in all related fields.

Here, managed care professionals take charge of their professional futures. Those interested in transitioning into managed care roles can find direction and insights. No waiting necessary.

The Managed Care Institute combines all the benefits of an educational community, special interest blog, a professional network, and a source for professional workshops. You'll find teachers who are well-known and highly regarded in their fields teaching through video, podcast, live lectures, and other media to bring the experience of the classroom home to your computer, where you work, or at destination retreats.

We strive to make The Managed Care Institute even better and more informative than your graduate or undergraduate experience through a few important distinctions:

  • Availability – At school, many of the professors didn't have managed care experience. For those that did, it was a challenge to get them to discuss anything beyond the immediate coursework – and sometimes it's hard to even get that much.

At the Managed Care Institute, our primary focus is on creating relationships between you, your mentors, and your fellow managed care professionals. Every question is worth asking. Every individual here makes the time.

  • Breadth of knowledge – Undergraduate and graduate health administration courses focus, and rightly so, on learning the basics. Unfortunately, you need far more than the basics to work effectively in managed care contract analysis, modeling and negotiation roles.

Solo Practice University® takes over where law school leaves students. We offer courses in particulars of law on which you need clarification or expansion, and we also offer courses in marketing, technology, branding, copywriting, blogging, work/life balance issues and more.

The Managed Care Institute, shares the expertise you need to get started.

  • Affordability – Big or small, colleges and universities and many trade association conferences have one thing in common: a huge price tag. Not so at the Managed Care Institute.

We believe you should get the knowledge you need to start do a great job within your role and responsibilities without paying for your degree twice over. That's why we offer all our classes, courses, study groups, faculty hours, communities, and blogs for monthly tuition – or an even lower quarterly or annual tuition.

  • Convenience – Remember clamoring to get that last spot with the only professor who taught a class on your special area of interest? That's less likely at the Managed Care Institute because we repeat courses several times each year.

Our live webinars are recorded so you can view them at any time, and all of our previous video classes, podcasts and other media are available 24/7 whenever you're ready to learn, read, discuss, or ask questions. There's no such thing as a one-time class at the Managed Care Institute.

At the Managed Care Institute, we work hard to make sure you have only the best experts in the fields that interest you. We have classes on everything from contracting directly with self-funded employers, shared risk and capitation contracting, bundled pricing, marketing and branding, appealing denied claims, contracting for integrated health systems, DME/HME, home care, physician and dental groups and solo practices, contracting for telehealth services, and more.

Even better, we'll keep adding the classes you want from the most well-respected professionals we can find.

Ultimately, the Managed Care Institute has just one goal: to help you excel in your role within managed care. We'll keep making this community stronger, better, and easier to use until we get you there.