What can you access on the Managed Care Institute's website for free?


While many of you will decide to subscribe on the Managed Care Institute's paid membership programs, or student program, some of you may not be able to arrange for your employer to cover the cost, or you may be a freelance consultant without a budget for membership at this time. We totally understand, and we hope you'll keep us in mind for the future, and find benefit in the membership amenities available to you.

For those who simply want to participate in the forums and groups, or listen to some of the podcasts and free educational events we sponsor, you are most welcome.


Membership in Groups and Forums is Free

Your are welcome to subscribe to and participate in any group or forum. Groups and forums are here for the purpose of sharing information, lessons learned, best practices. You are welcome to post questions, problems your are facing in your work, or ask about something that you just aren't sure about.  There's always someone willing to help. Just ask. When people respond, mind your manners and say thanks. If that person is close by, invite them for a coffee or a beer. Make it real!

Creating New Groups and Forums on our Member Platform

All our groups and forums are started by the website administrator. Therefore, please ask us to launch a new group if you don't see what you need.

We do this for two reasons:

  • First our website is not associated with a non-profit association. It is a proprietary website, owned by Dr Maria Todd, the author of The Managed Care Contracting Handbook, 2nd edition several other professional book titles on integrated health delivery systems, concierge medicine, medical tourism, and more. The site is maintained through the support staff and employees on the payroll of Mercury Healthcare International.  Lots of work and dedication is required to maintain the site, pay for hosting, design, and website functionality. It isn't polite or acceptable to post ads or clearly promotional posts without her express written consent any more than it would be appropriate for Dr Todd to do that on your website.  There are no second chances on this policy. The idea of asking for forgiveness instead of permission doesn't fly here.
  • The second reason we do this is for quality control. On LinkedIn there are hundreds of groups that are redundant of one another. the same with Facebook.  Most have gone quiet since they changed policy and functional design almost a year ago.  Some never gained traction and then withered and died. Some languish without any recent posts or posts that are spammy allowed by an absent group manager. Eventually members become disinterested and no longer engage.

Audio Blogs, Video Blogs Access are Free

Your are welcome to view or listen to any audio or webcast on your YouTube or SoundCloud channels.  These posts are all available to any visitor or guest of our site.


Free White Papers and Other Resources

Your are welcome to download a personal copy of any white paper or other free resource. If you use the resource for your work, cite it in another work, or in a thesis or term paper, we appreciate credit. We aggressively defend our copyrights - and those of guest authors who share their professional generosity.  Show them appreciation and respect by sharing what you find and giving appropriate credit. Everyone loves getting a little love on occasion from their professional peers and colleagues.

Managed Care Dictionary

We have developed and continue to expand our online managed care dictionary. You have full access to the entire managed care dictionary as a free participant. In fact, we hope that you will help us continue to develop the dictionary by submitting terms, synonyms and definitions for it. The definitions are centered on their managed care contracting context.


Free Managed Care Jobs Bank

If you are seeking employment

As a free participant in the Managed Care Institute community, you are eligible to peruse the jobs board and respond to positions that are posted. 


Employers and recruiters seeking candidates for open healthcare management and reimbursement positions are welcome to post their openings to the Managed Care Institute's Jobs Board. Send your notices, fully edited and ready for publication to jobs@mercuryadvisorygroup.com  There is no charge to post a position.

All posts will be dated and numbered on our site. When you have filled the position, you must notify us to remove it. Please use the data and posting ID in your request for removal so it is easy to locate and quick to archive. We'll archive them rather than delete them in case you need to re-post a similar opening later on.

Student Internships

Employers offering internships are also welcome to post their internships on our site the same as a job opening.  Please mention whether the internship is paid, unpaid or has a stipend. 

Please only submit jobs related to managed care contracting and revenue cycle. Since the page is moderated, we will decline any posting requests that are not related to managed care. Moderator's decision is final.

Newsletter Subscriptions are Free

The Managed Care Institute publishes a free newsletter each month that highlights information on classes, new discussions, trends, statistics we discover and more. Feel free to subscribe. If you change your mind later, you may unsubscribe at any time with one click. Just please don't mark it as "spam".  Your contact information will never be shared outside the Institute and will only be used for permitted purposes. Subscribe to our Free Newsletter

Upcoming Events

2017 event dates and topics and destinations are being finalized now.


[5-6]  Managed Care Contracting Master Class - Miami, Florida


[1-8] Pended for Bengaluru, India

[18-22] Confirmed - Almaty, Kazakhstan

MarketPlace Ads

Community members with something to advertise may submit their inquiries to advertise their seminars, services, and products (software, etc.) on our Managed Care Marketplace.

This page supports paid, clickable advertising that connects directly to your website and your promotion.  If interested, please contact our support team to discuss rates. 

Paid members receive a 25% discount on display ads and a 10% discount on text-based ads.